Much has been said about service delivery during this election campaign. There has also been a major emphasis on job creation. Both issues are very important for communities everywhere. And Yeoville Bellevue has had its own share of problems with both over the last ten years. There are improvements. Waste management is better than it was back in 2000. The involvement in JDA has meant that we have a new Library, an upgraded Recreation Centre and a working swimming pool. There are EPWP programmes creating jobs. But our upgraded Yeoville Park is very poorly maintained. Many of our new street lights in the streets are not working. Some of our new pavements, were badly laid, others are in a bad way after less than three years. There is a skills centre which is standing idle. There are illegal shebeens and unauthorised spaza shops. People litter and urinate in the streets. Pedestrians have to walk in the street because there are cars parked on the pavements. These things can change. But it is up to us as the community to see that they do. Our councillors are accountable to us. Let’s hold them accountable. Let’s work with them, as individuals and through our community organisations. Some people say you have no right to complain if you don’t vote. But you also cannot complain if you are not involved in your community. And you certainly have no right to complain if you are one of the many people in our area who ignores bylaws and laws every day. What positive thing have YOU done for your suburb today?