Liquor License Application

This application for a liquor license (below) appeared in the Government Gazette on 1 September. It’s an interesting one because it seems that Zebra Pond has been operating as a pub and selling liquor for some time now.

Liqour Licence ApplicationThe law says that you have to have a license to sell liquor. Zebra Pond has been doing selling liquor for months, possibly since November or December 2009.

The SAPS told us they had checked and that Zebra Pond had a license. But here we see they are applying for one. Why are they applying if they already have one? Does this mean they were selling liquor illegally?

Yeovue News publishes liquor applications as a public service so that the people of Yeoville Bellevue can decide if they want to support or oppose an application. This is your chance to be part of planning the future of Yeoville Bellevue.

Are you happy for Zebra Pond to have a license? If you are, then you don’t have to do anything. You can also write to the Liquor Board, saying that you support the idea.

If you are not happy about it, then you can lodge an objection with the Gauteng Liquor Board. Then there will be a hearing and the objector will have a chance to speak and the applicant will have a chance to speak. After hearing all objectors and the applicant, the Board will decide whether to give the license. In the application, item 5 says that Zebra Pond is applying for a Pub License.

Item 6 is supposed to be a list of all educational institutions (schools, crèches etc) that are within 500m (or 1km) from the site of the planned pub. The application says there are none. Do you think this is true?

Item 7 is supposed to be a list of all places with similar licenses (in this case, pub licenses) within 500m (or 1km) of the planned pub. The applicant lists one such place. What do you think? Is Kutlwano the only pub within 500m or 1km of Zebra Pond?

Item 8 is meant to be a list of all faithbased institutions (churches, synagogues, mosques, temples etc) within 500m or 1km of Zebra Pond. Again, the applicant says there are none. Is he correct? The Baptist Convention has a church on the corner of Raleigh and Grafton Sts, about 100m from Zebra Pond.

If you want to object, please write or deliver to the Gauteng Liquor Board, Johannesburg Regional Office, 3rd Floor, Nedbank Building, 85 Main Street, Marshalltown, Johannesburg . You can call them on 082 3791925. You should also send or deliver a copy of the objection to the applicant, in this case to Zebra Pond.

Objections must be made within 21 days of application, so if you want to object, you must do so before 24 September.